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We let our products speak about its inherent quality.

From raw material to finished stage, each product passes through different & stringent quality checks which enable us to have process control rather than to look for faulty product.

Regularly checked & calibrated precision instruments & gauges are used to meet our stringent quality norms.

We generally follow the IS210-FG260 & ASTM A 247 material standards. Also we accept customised material specifications.

Chemical Composition : %C: 3.00-3.40 %Si: 1.80-2.20 %Mn: 0.5-0.9 %S: 0.10max
  %P: 0.2max %Cr: 0.2-0.3 %Cu: 0.15-0.25  

Microstructure:- 'A' type graphite flakes uniformly distributed in the matrix of pearlite with size 4-6.